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The 40' Office Combo Storage Container

Secure, weatherproof and Delivered Right to you.

Office/combo Features

Secure. Built Tough.

Weatherproof Guaranteed.

We equip our containers with the best security features available from tamper proof locks to security bars on our windows. Our containers are built tough and they have stood the test of time, consistently outlasting alternative solutions.

Commercial Grade HVAC.

Planning on putting a substantial amount of work hours in you on site industrial office? Our commercial grade HVAC will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your work day no matter the outside condition.

Electrical Box. Cable Ready.

We provide you with the electricity and all of the internet capabilities you need for your industrial or commercial on site office. Don’t stress about ease of access to outlets, we have you covered with multiple receptacles and cable outlets.

Don’t trust your belongings to anything less. We guarantee our containers to be weather and wind proof. Our containers are tight sealed and guaranteed to stay that way.

LED Lights.

When it comes to the little things, we’ve got you covered. Your industrial office will come equipped with all the lighting you’ll need with our efficient LED interior lighting systems.

Forklift Ready. Easy to Move.

We offer all of the proper equipment and knowledgeable representatives necessary to ensure safe transport and delivery. Our professionals are experienced in taking the greatest care to ensure that your product makes it to your location in pristine condition.

Steel door and Security Bars.

Secure doors and windows are just one of the means by which we offer the best in storage security. We eliminate the usual worries by reinforcing the easy entry points of our customized containers.

Durable, easy-to-clean flooring.

Every aspect of our containers is built to last and made for ease of use. Our floors are durable, easy to clean and come in a variety of options.

Air Vents.

Don’t stress about leaving your items or equipment out in the extreme heat, rain or winter weather. Our containers are humidity controlled, so they will keep your items sheltered from whatever the climate may be.

Container Specs

Our Containers are built from heavy duty 14 gauge, corrosion resistant COR-TEN Steel.


External Dimensions:

Length 40’

Width 8’

Height 8’6"

Approx. 11,000 lbs

Internal Office Dimensions:

Length 19’5”

Width 7’

Height 7’ 6”

Approx. 136 Sq. Ft.

Internal Storage Dimensions:

Length 19’5”

Width 7’ 8”

Height 7’ 10”

Approx. 149 Sq. Ft.