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Storage and Office Boxes Built Tough from Steel

Our shipping containers are equipped with the best security features available and are built tough so they can handle the dirt, grime, dings, and scrapes of a typical construction site. Our double paned, rebar protected windows are covered for the occasional bump and protected from intruders during your site’s off-hours. We reinforce the easy entry points of our customized mobile office containers with fully welded doors, and our mobile offices are built out of heavy duty 14-gauge, and corrosion resistant, COR-TEN® Steel. The steel resists the corrosion from rain, snow, ice, and other weather conditions, preventing deeper rust damage, meaning no one can puncture our mobile office boxes, either. We don’t call them Tuff Boxes for nothing! Don’t trust other puny construction trailers with your important documents and equipment! Our mobile offices and storage containers are tough and the perfect answer for your next construction project.


Benefits of a Tuff Box steel mobile office or storage container:

  • Corrosion resistant; protective coating prevents deeper damage
  • Built from 14 gauge steel; tougher than a typical trailer
  • More secure and theft resistant
  • Includes a Damage Waiver

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Versatile Office Solutions

The benefits of a container office over office trailers

Are you looking for temporary storage or an office for your work site built like a regular trailer with all of the regular options, only built to take on the beating of a common construction site? We offer a variety of Tuff Box office container sizes and they each come standard equipped with double paned & rebar reinforced windows, convenient regular, lockable, walk-through doors, electrical outlets as well as commercial-grade HVAC and insulation for protection from weather and the elements. Our mobile office boxes are built better, because they aren’t as easily punctured, turned over, or damaged as your typical trailer office.


Benefits of a Tuff Box mobile office:

  • Tough: All office units are standard equipped with rebar protected windows, reinforced entry points, and built from 14-gauge COR-TEN® Steel.
  • Secure: All office units are secured with our specialized locks and lock boxes
  • Energy Efficient: All office units equipped with LED lighting
  • Weather Resistant: No need to worry about hard rain, hail, ice, or snow with a heavy duty storage container mobile office, and with climate control, you have no weather worries.
  • Ground Level Access: No more need for steps into a trailer. Our office doors sit just a few inches above the ground.

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