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Tuff Box Rent-To-Own Shipping Containers

Get a Tuff Box for a Low Monthly Payment

Say goodbye to going to your off-site storage unit to get your stuff, and bring the storage to you. Get a shipping container and rent-to-own your storage. We have terms that work for you and your budgetary needs. Our rent-to-own storage containers come in a variety of colors and sizes and are guaranteed to be wind and water resistant. Our rent-to-own program has built-in flexibility to accommodate your needs, not ours. We can protect your budget -- and your things -- with our durable, secure, and reliable rent-to-own storage containers and payment plans.

No Credit Checks

No Credit stress here. We will approve you hassle free.

Build Equity

With every payment on your rent to own container, you are just one step closer to ownership.

Multiple Monthly Options

Choose from a 24, 36, 48, and 60 agreement term that works best for you!

Competitive rates

Monthly payments are comparable or better than renting from self storage facilities.

Flexible payment dates

We let you pick the day for payment to fit your budget and schedule.

Extremely durable

Our Containers are built tough and more durable than other storage options.

No interest rate

There is no interest rate on rent to own containers. The total purchase price agreed upon is all you pay.

Payoff at any time

You have the ability to convert your rent to own agreement to a purchase at any time.

Get out any time

You may terminate your contract at any time after the first six months, with a written 30 day notice. You must be current on all payments.

Quick Approval Process

Same day approval in most cases.

No security deposit

We only ask that you pay the first and last month’s rent and delivery fee to start most transactions.

Multiple payment options

Check, money order, cash, ACH, credit and debit cards accepted.

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Multiple sizes of container for you to choose from

Find the Right Container for You and Your Budget

Below are the sizes we have available in our rent-to-own storage containers. Our grade-A or better condition rent-to-own shipping containers come in multiple paint colors, and in different conditions (come to our local Tulsa or Little Rock yards to pick out your own container).

Standard Sizes Containers

20-foot Used shipping Containers

External Dimensions:

Length 20’

Width 8’

Height 8’ 6"

Approx. 4,200 lbs.

Internal Dimensions:

Length 19’ 4”

Width 7’ 8”

Height 7’ 10”

Approx. 148 Sq. Ft.

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40-foot Used shipping Containers

External Dimensions:

Length 40’

Width 8’

Height 8’ 6"

Approx. 8,300 lbs.

Internal Dimensions:

Length 39’5”

Width 7’ 8”

Height 7’ 10”

Approx. 302 Sq. Ft.

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40-foot High Cube Shipping Containers

External Dimensions:

Length 40’

Width 8’

Height 9’ 6"

Approx. 8,800 lbs.

Internal Dimensions:

Length 40’ 5”

Width 7’8”

Height 8’ 10”

Approx. 302 Sq. Ft.

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Physical Damage Waivers

Optional Protection for Your Rent-to-Own Container

During your rent-to-own terms, you can protect yourself from possible shipping container damage. You have the option to pay a small fee in order to protect you from:

  • Explosions
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Hail
  • Vandalism
  • Lightning
  • Flood
  • Windstorm/Tornado
  • Theft
  • Collision with a vehicle

You can protect yourself from most damage that may occur with the physical damage waiver.

Delivery of Your Rent-to-Own Shipping Container

How Does Delivery Work for My Rent-to-Own Container?

To deliver your rent-to-own storage container, we’ll need you to have a clear and level site for the container to get set down on. Whatever space you choose needs to have a clear path without anything major in the way, such as cars or trucks, equipment, etc. We ask that you also remove ice and snow, so our truck can safely back in and set down your container. Once it’s down, you’ll be able to move things around it, or against it. They are extremely durable, so it’s up to you.

We will bring your rent-to-own storage container to your location at a scheduled time. Once we get to the delivery site, we’ll need someone to be available to verify exactly where we will need to drop off your container. We also need someone to sign for the container delivery. Then we will get your container off the flatbed trailer truck and into the right place for you. Now it’s ready to use.

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