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Tuff Box Secure Shipping Containers for Storage

Secure Shipping Containers for Rent

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When you need a short- or long-term storage or office, our containers are the perfect option to meet your needs. At Tuff Box, we have one of the largest and most diverse container fleets available. Whether you choose storage, office, or both, our containers are professionally maintained, durable, clean, and will always uphold the Tuff Box Guarantee.

Standard Features on Our Shipping Containers for Rent

Every Tuff Box container you rent comes with these standard features: Easy open doors, a lock box, air vents, and commercial grade flooring. Our office containers come with all the standard features above but also include:

Steel double locking doors, barred windows, commercial grade HVAC, LED lights, multiple electrical outlets, moisture resistant wall board, commercial grade flooring, and are fully insulated.

Looking for a mobile office for your job site?

Mobile Offices

Check out our selection of mobile offices and storage/ office combination containers.

20-foot office container

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Standard Features

Wind and water tight shipping container


Tuff Box Containers are built tough with 14-gauge COR-TEN® steel. Our containers can handle a variety of elements and are guaranteed wind and watertight upon delivery.

Air Vents for Humitity Control


Vents reduce moisture and humidity inside the container. An added feature that some may overlook.

Ground Access Storage Container

Ground Access

Say goodbye to stairs! Unlike storage trailers, our containers are placed on ground level to ensure you have easy and safe access to all your stored equipment.

Shipping Container Lock Gaurds

Lock Guards

Our lock boxes help prevent thieves from accessing your lock, keeping your equipment and supplies secure.

Shipping Container Door Handles

Easy-open Handles

Tuff Box Containers all come with easy-to-open handles, making it simple to get in and out of your container.

Storage container flooring

Industrial Flooring

Our containers are built with marine grade flooring made to withstand heavy loads, lots of abuse, and the most severe elements.

shipping container forklift


Most of our fleet is readily available with forklift access.

Optional Features

double door shipping container

Double Doors

Double Doors on both ends of our shipping containers can make sure you have all the access you need regardless of the container location.

Shipping container locks

Specialty Locks

Tuff Box has proven specialty locks that are tamper-resistant and when used in combination with the lock box, your container is more protected from anyone trying to break in.

High Cube Stroage Container

High cube Storage

At 9’6” tall, our high cube shipping containers give you that extra storage room for those larger pieces of equipment or to add more shelves and racks for food, retail, or industrial supplies and equipment.


Equipment ramps make loading and unloading your container contents a snap.

Shelving and Racks

Need to organize your storage? No problem. Ask about our optional rack and shelving options.

Rental Shipping Container Sizes


Multiple Sizes to Meet Your Space and Budget.

We offer rental containers in neutral colors, so they blend in on a professional build site, an athletic field, or in your retail parking lot. We offer 10’, 20’, 20’ double door, 40’, 40’ high cube, 40’ double door, 40’ high cube double door, and 45-foot high cube shipping containers for rent as well as our 10’ full office, 20’ full and combo offices, and 40-foot full and combo office containers.

10’ Storage Container

External Dimensions:

Length 10’

Width 8’

Height 8’ 6"

Approx. 2,500 lbs

Internal Dimensions:

Length 9’ 3"

Width 7’8”

Height 7’ 10”

Approx. 71 Sq. Ft.

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20’ Storage Container

Available in High cube and with Double Doors

External Dimensions:

Length 20’

Width 8’

Height 8’ 6"

Approx. 4,200 lbs

Internal Dimensions:

Length 19’ 4”

Width 7’ 8”

Height 7’ 10”

Approx. 148 Sq. Ft.

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40’ Storage Container

Available in High cube and with Double Doors

External Dimensions:

Length 40’

Width 8’

Height 8’ 6"

Approx. 8,300 lbs

Internal Dimensions:

Length 39’5”

Width 7’ 8”

Height 7’ 10”

Approx. 302 Sq. Ft.

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45' Storage Container

Available in High cube and with Double Doors

External Dimensions:

Length 45’

Width 8’

Height 9’ 6"

Approx. 10,500 lbs

Internal Dimensions:

Length 44’ 4”

Width 7’8”

Height 8’ 10”

Approx. 340 Sq. Ft.

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Physical Damage Waivers

Rent with peace of mind

Want to protect yourself from the possible damage or theft of your rental container while you have it? We give you the option to pay a small fee and get peace of mind against:

  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Windstorm/Tornado
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Explosions
  • Collision with a vehicle

With the physical damage waiver, you protect yourself from damage that may occur in a retail parking lot, construction site, or industrial site.

Choose the Quality for Your Budget

Premium Versus Economy Rental Containers

We have a few different rental options available for you to choose from when it comes to selecting what type of container will be sitting at your location. At Tuff Box, we have premium and economy options available for rent.

economy rental storage container
premium rental container



- VS. -

Our premium rental options will be newer containers that have been cleaned, professionally maintained, and are in the best condition of any containers that we have available. These containers are high quality, hand-picked containers - very clean and professional.

Our economy rental options are Grade A containers that we have cleaned and checked over for damage. These rental containers may have a few dings, but they are still high quality containers. The doors open and seal and we also guarantee them to be wind and watertight.

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